Interview with in2view co-founder Ilya Inozemtsev

Ilya Inozemtsev is an editor-in-chief, podcast host, former partner at FunCubator venture fund, and an all-around great guy.

He shared experience about his startup, in2view, making it to the shortlist of the Startupbootcamp Accelerator program in Amsterdam, out of over 10,000 competitors.

Hi! What specific tasks do you handle at in2view?

In my role, I am responsible for operations, communication, investor pitching, and fundraising. I wear multiple hats. Since our team consists of four co-founders, we don't have designated positions. Each of us contributes based on our individual talents.

You don't offer monetary incentives to research participants. What motivates people to participate?

Our hypothesis was to motivate people to participate in research through promo codes and bonuses in loyalty partnership programs. However, people are no longer solely motivated by discounts, and the notion of being contributors who change the world.

Do you only link customers and respondents or do you provide turnkey services: designing questionnaires, moderating interviews yourself?

Initially, our focus was on connecting businesses with suitable respondents based on their needs. However, we have now shifted our focus to become a training and consulting program for startups and product managers. We offer user research training, providing access to checklists, guidelines, and support throughout the training track, all based on our own experiences and lessons learned.

Has there ever been a case where a client was dissatisfied with the selected interviewees? How did you handle it?

Of course, it has been. For us, as a startup, building a reputation and establishing trust is paramount. So, if a client is dissatisfied, we believe it is the right thing to do to refund the money.

What markets do you operate in, where are you aiming (EU, ...)?

The focus is now on the UK. The median paycheck is higher there and the culture of innovation is on a completely different level.

How is your fundraising journey going?

We received 15,000 euros from the accelerator program we entered. However, this amount only covers travel costs to Amsterdam and the team's accommodation there. Our goal is to close our funding round of investment by the end of the year. I believe our team has a good chance, particularly with the opportunity to pitch to over 400 investors at Investor Demo Day provided by Startupbootcamp.

What is the main purpose of a startup accelerator, in your opinion?

For me, the main benefit of an acceleration program is the opportunity to view your product through the eyes of other startup founders and pivot accordingly. They offer countless ideas and hypotheses right from the start, dissecting your thought process and helping you put it back together. There are also opportunities for networking and making new acquaintances but personally, I'm more of an introvert and prefer limited social contact in my spare time (laughs).
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