🥤User research is the key to creating a product strategy

In product development, one of the most important and complex aspects is creating a strategy, which is like a broad roadmap. Ideally, it should describe the current product and the factors that will drive it over the next two to three years, or even five years.

Ideally, the strategy is a document that is constantly changing due to external circumstances and trends. However, to update the strategy, it is necessary to speak with users and consumers of the product as much as possible, which takes a lot of resources (money, people, time). Therefore, we continue to explore the topic with in2view — we conduct a lot of research ourselves and make changes to the product on the fly. Currently, we have set up an automatic recruiting system, but we want more — we want to automate the process of obtaining insights from communicating with our audience.

This is entirely possible — in the process of researching the market, for example, we found the service UserZoom (which raised $100 million), which helps to automate UX testing in applications. So, the market needs automated solutions to create a long-term product roadmap.
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