How to research without research

If you're an introvert or don't know how to do qualitative research, there's a handy hack – desk research as a first part of user research.

The significance of desk research as a valuable method for gathering information and insights before engaging in primary user research activities cannot be overstated.

Desk research involves gathering and analyzing existing data, information, and resources available from various sources, such as books, articles, market reports, and online platforms.

Furthermore, the importance of defining research objectives, selecting relevant sources, and critically evaluating the gathered information.

There are methods such as content analysis, thematic analysis, and data visualization, which help researchers extract meaningful patterns, themes, and trends from the collected information.

It is important to involve more than one researcher in desk research to ensure a diversity of perspectives and to validate conclusions.

By incorporating desk research into the user research process, researchers can gather valuable insights, enhance their understanding of the research topic, and lay a strong foundation for successful primary research activities. At this stage, the project is already ready to seek expert support from the IN2VIEW.
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