🙏 The more customer research you do, the more "yes" you will hear

People want to be heard and understood. This is the value of customer research. A strategist from Salesforce writes about this in his blog on Medium — an important component of any business lies in the ability to tell interesting stories to users and their responses to them. 

You can stick to just a few rules:

Identify pain points to find out the truth
Dig as deep as possible
Speak the language of the audience
Help create a community of users

These rules relate to any customer research. You need to be able to speak and hear your audience — this is the meaning of in-depth interviews. But an important point here can be considered about creating a community. In fact, this is an opportunity for users to be in an environment familiar to them and share problems with people who have already experienced them. The exchange of experience here is more organic, and the growth of brand loyalty is also growing.

Therefore, the more live research you conduct with your users, the higher their satisfaction with the product and the desire to use your services again will be much more potent.

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