🙌 How to choose the right user research methods for your business

Сhoosing the correct methodology for researching is very important. It depends upon your business objectives, target audience and available resources.
  1. Identify the research objective: This will help to determine the type of research question which needs to be answered.
  2. Understand the target audience: Knowing the target audience can help to decide which research approaches will be most relevant.
  3. Decide on the research budget: This will help to determine which research methods will be the most feasible.
  4. Choose the research methodology: Depending on the research budget and the target audience, different user research methods can be used. Common user research approaches include interviews, surveys, focus groups, card sorting and usability testing.
Evaluate the results: The results of the research methods should be evaluated in order to identify the most useful insights
By using the above steps, you can choose the right user research methods for your business.
Feel free to use this framework for your business.
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