Building an Empathy Map

New week — new framework.
We're proud to share with you the update in our knowledge base. A framework on how to build an Empathy Map.

But what exactly is an Empathy Map?

An Empathy Map is a visual tool used in business to gain a deep understanding of customers or users by capturing their thoughts, feelings, actions, and expressions. It serves as a collaborative framework that helps teams empathize with and better comprehend the experiences of their target audience.

Most research is conducted to answer specific questions and test well-formulated hypotheses. But what if you already have a functioning product and want to understand what thoughts your users (potential customers) have about it? In this case, an excellent solution could be the Empathy Map.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Empathy Maps work and how to create one, check out our new entry. The guide provides actionable tips on how to run an empathy mapping exercise, why empathy maps are important, and how to execute quickly on empathy mapping.
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