​​5️⃣ Top 5 Reasons Why You Need User Research

User research serves a critical function for achieving growth and reducing business risk. It is applicable to a wide range of departments across an organization, including corporate planning and strategy teams, finance, marketing, sales, and product development.

Here are the reasons why you would need it

1. Develop a Deeper Understanding of User Needs: By understanding user needs, you can identify problems that can be solved and create products and services that truly meet their needs.

2. Improve User Experience: User research can provide insight into how users interact with your product or service. This can help you optimize the user experience for improved satisfaction and adoption.

3. Get Feedback on Product Features and Functionality: User research allows you to ask questions directly to users and gain feedback on product features and functionality. This can help you design product roadmap.

Make Informed Business Decisions: User research can provide you with the data to make informed decisions about how to proceed with your business or product development.

5. Increase Product Adoption and Sales: User research can help you uncover user needs and preferences which, when addressed, can increase product adoption and sales. It can also help you identify potential new features that could be used to increase engagement and usage.

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