​​🦉 How to apply customer research methods in real life — 5 rules

I like to sort my tasks and use Excel sheets for chores. Someone even might call it a product approach. It might even make sense.

One of the important parts of my everyday life is the development of in2view, an insights platform for customer research, and that's why I've learned a lot about cust devs or customer research, whatever better suits you, in the last 1-2 years. So I thought — if I can use a product approach to life, why not use a cust dev approach for one?

Why do I research customers:
a) to find out what works
b) to find out what doesn't work
c) to find out what's going on in general

Seems to me, that the same questions apply to real life. The only question is — how to apply this.

I think that in any social relations this might help. Any peer review is research in its base: what works, what doesn't work, and what's going on in general. 

So I propose to take several rules of research to real life:

1) KYC — Know Your Customer
This is Research 101 — know your audience and ask a lot of questions. The same is in real life — you can't do anything with someone you don't know very well.

2) Don't ask hypotheticals
This is an easy life hack that changes life quality in an instant. Remember "The Mom Test"? Well, this is it.

3) Don't pay your customer
I mean, why would you pay someone to talk to you if that's not your therapist?

4) Five whys
You have to dig deep to reach insights, so that's why you need this.

5) Rate your problems
I guess this is the only time in life when you have to rate something. Problem rating can help you prioritize goals and lead you to a better life.

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