🌟 Where to find superusers?

According to Axios Media Trends research, the Live Audio segment is dying. Remember Clubhouse? The social network has already been buried. Something similar happened a couple of years ago with LinkedIn, for example. The service and its history are entirely different, but it seems that there is one feature that unites all the "dying" social networks.

By the end of their life or during a negative peak, there are superusers there. Those users continue to be in the service, despite all the problems. Came to this idea thanks to an article that LinkedIn is one of the good tools for recruiting people for client research (the problem that we resolve with in2view).

That is, now the Clubhouse has the juiciest audience — I really want to talk with these users and understand why they are still there. In the end, if this live audio social network reached 5-6 million users at its peak, a new product in the segment may be more stable.

What’s the lesson here? If you want to launch a cool product on the market, look for users in dying services to find out what keeps them.
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